Characteristics of different kinds of flowerpot

- Apr 12, 2017 -

With the improvement of people's lives, planting flowers, grass is one of people's leisure sports, planting flowers not only can greening the environment, but also absorb the atmospheric carbon dioxide and dust, let us absorb fresh oxygen, flowers can not be inseparable from flowerpot, paint pot is a better flowerpot, the following introduction of the difference of various flowerpot:

1. There are very small pores around the dish-burned basin, which is designed to facilitate the decomposition of nutrients in the soil and to remove moisture. Easy to ventilation, good for the grass roots growth, insufficient is the texture of the rough pot, the exterior is not beautiful, with the passage of time is easy to break, although it has shortcomings, when the people love to grow flowers like this flowerpot to grow flowers.

2. Plastic flowerpot price is cheap, the color of flowerpot is richer, breathable, drainage still has problems, plastic flowerpot suitable for cultivating chlorophytum, vertical basin grass, etc. to maintain a very high plant, there are many wooden pots in the mall, the tub more breathable, the drainage function is good, suitable cultivation plants, when the wooden pots are mostly through the anti-corrosion disposal, the use of time to pay attention in changing pots, the basin will do one disinfection, paint, avoid decay, and the worm.

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